A collection of videos from projects worked on in PlayStation Home, for Juggernaut Games. I was responsible for the majority of furniture and props both for our living spaces and "Adventure Packs". I also assisted in some clothing creation as well as animation on some active items. 

PlayStation Home had strict memory guidelines and it was both challenging and rewarding getting an asset in and under memory looking it's best. 


Alec Carper (Programming)

George Cochrane (Environment Art and Programming)

Jason Copeland (Animator)

Rocky Teruya (Environment Art, Animation, and Programming)

*Modeling was done in 3ds Max 2012, optimization, animation, and engine implementation in Maya 2011, textures were created in Photoshop CS5

Serenity Plaza Halloween Spooktacular! (2013)

Something wicked this way comes... A special edition of the Serenity Plaza public space is being overtaken by werewolves and vampires for the Halloween season! Choose a side and start recruiting unsuspecting avatars to join either the werewolves or vampires, with free rewards for the community as each side reaches it's ghoulish goals. Grab the Werewolf Statue and Vampire Bat Statue to take on your final form as an Alpha Werewolf or Master Vampire with enhanced powers to dominate the leader boards, check out previews of new interactive and Halloween-themed Juggernaut items, or visit Festus' Coin Shop to gift your friends a limited-time spooky pet!


Minibots Arena (2013)

Serenity Plaza Public Space (2013)

Relax at the new Serenity Plaza Public Space from Juggernaut Games.  This tranquil futuristic city is a haven for those who enjoy peace, happiness and fun!  Shop, dance, party, play games and much more!


Springtime Adventure Pack (2013)

Swing into spring with the Juggernaut Games Springtime Adventure Pack! The active swing set and carousel are the perfect way to spend a spring day. Bring your favorite spring blooms to any space with 3 sizes of customizable flower beds and the Spring Bouquet which allows you to place up to 20 flower vases for only 6 furniture slots! You can host an egg hunt for your friends, or fling confetti-filled eggs at them with the Cascarones active item. There are also plenty of bunnies, birds and some sweet treats too!


Emerald Isle Adventure Pack (2013)

Get a taste of Éire with the Emerald Isle Adventure Pack. Fill your apartment with shamrocks and an Irish jig with the Essence of the Emerald Isle. Get the mysterious Rainbow Maker and see if you can find a pot of gold.There’s also some Irish dance moves, a gold-laden companion and, of course, plenty of green!


Bramblenook Farm (2013)

Relax and get back to nature in this charming country farm! You can raise plants and animals to improve your farming skills. Chop wood and level your woodworking skills to create furnishings for yourself or to gift to a guest. You can also place crafted furniture items in Bramblenook Farm for no furniture cost!


Classy Date Adventure Pack (2013)

With Valentine’s day around the corner, love is in the air and the Instant Classy Date Adventure Pack from Juggernaut Games has everything you need to bring the romance home. Light some candles, put on some jazz and cuddle up in the Jacuzzi with your special someone. If your love is true, gift them a Sparkling Diamond Ring to show them they are the only person in the world who makes your heart skip a beat.


Winter Adventure Pack (2012)

Happy Holidays PlayStation Home! The Winter Adventure Pack is the perfect compliment to your holiday decorating needs.

With 16 items, including 12 profiled actives, this Adventure Pack is sure to add some wintry fun to any space! Active items include the customizable Christmas tree and customizable snowman, the gingerbread house with roaming gingerbread citizens, and the Santa’s list (now you can discover whether your friends have been naughty or nice!). There are also sled and ice skating locomotion items, companions, and much more!


Nautilus Adventure Pack (2012)

Get ready to dive deep with the Nautilus Adventure Pack! This bundle of 30 clothing, active furniture, and companions is all you need for an adventure 20,000 leagues under the sea. Don’t have an ocean handy? Unleash the Essence of the Tides active item and transform any space into an undersea kingdom.


Palace of the Seven Winds (2012)

For the first time ever in PlayStation Home, break free from your earthly shackles and explore the entirety of the Palace of the Seven Winds personal space and clubhouse from the air. With rewards for guests and owners, your own personal genie, unique interactive features and furnishings, the Palace of the Seven Winds adds an exotic touch to your personal space collection or next club meeting. Also available is the “Essence of the Seven Winds” active furniture item – the first ever active item allowing flight in any space!